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As a child Jane collected rocks, shells, and animal bones on walks in the woods or on the beach. She still has that cigar box of natural treasures, along with the feeling of wonder for nature and wild places.


Jane earned a BFA in painting from the Tyler School of Art of Temple University, pursued a semester of graduate study in sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth University, and sharpened her observation and technical skills through 30 years of designing, sculpting, and painting dioramas and models for science museums in California, Taiwan, and North Carolina.

In 1996 Jane moved to North Carolina to create exhibits for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. Exploring natural areas with researchers and science educators, she developed a deep appreciation for the diverse native flora, fauna and landscapes across the state.

From her studio uphill from the Haw River, Jane conveys immersion in nature as journal observations, studio paintings, and sculptures.

zgouache in the ravine.jpeg
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